Homemade Viking Costumes

Homemade Viking Costumes

Homemade Viking Costumes

I love to make costumes, and my homemade viking costumes were some of the best I’ve ever made.

I think that I first got the idea of making homemade viking costumes from looking at an old, stained leather jacket in my closet. I knew that I couldn’t wear it as clothing any more, so I thought, Why not turn it into a costume? I cut off the sleeves, and that was the birth of my viking costume.

Of course, to make the costume truly epic, I had to make matching ones for my boyfriend, my sister, and her boyfriend. I purchased used leather and faux-fur jackets from the local thrift store, bought some brown fleece blankets that I turned into ponchos for the guys to go under their vests, picked up a couple of swords and axes from the local Halloween store, and voila! A horde of vikings was ready to pillage and plunder.

I did use a sewing machine to make arm and leg cuffs out of faux-fur from the local craft store, but if you don’t have access to a sewing machine, hot glue or hand-sewing will work just as well.

For more information, check out How To Make a Viking Costume: Homemade Viking Costumes.


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